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YVZ jewllery began in 2007 with beads and drilling stones, eventually expanding to the wonderful world of silversmithing and goldsmithing. YVZ is hand-crafted jewellery made with a love and passion for art, and is artistically designed to reflect raw nature in form and colour, including various metals and natural stones. We are based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


We work with many metals, including sterling silver, gold, copper and brass, all of which are purchased from reputable distributors from the USA or Canada (nickel free and lead free).


All turquoise is AAA quality. All stones and beads, ordered from as far as Australia and as nearby as British Columbia, are acquired from reputable, high-quality distributors. We wear what we create, (and sometimes have a hard time letting go of new creations) and understand the want and need for safe and pure stones and metals.



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